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How to choose?

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If you would like build a fireplace, or a stove, you should think through some things!

The first and the most important is your need. Believe me, days the offer is so big, it would be difficult to find out one, that is not available!  The only border is the physics, and the thickness of the wallet! Just look around! Oh, and of course you have to be firmly sure about that what you wish! Listen to an expert, there can come up new points of view you did not thought before, but never let anyone to make the decision but you! You know your needs! It is not a small decision, it is for year! The phrases like “It is a never-return opportunity!”, “Just now, just for you!”, “It is actually what you need!”, and the others, to tell the truth, sounds good, but typically not represent your interest!

Let’s see, what the possibilities are!

If you want a heating system for main heating, I suggest the tiled stove, because it can product a pleasant, steady warm, even hours after the fire goes out. (Important to tell its  efficiency is so low during the heating period, because It almost do not produce heat.) Its advantage the durable, steady heat dissipation, high efficiency. Its disadvantage its heat cannot be controlled, its not accommodate to the lifestyle of the modern families, it is difficult to ignited, when it is cool, over and above the well feared periodically transshipment. The length of the time between the two transshipment is really depends on the habit of the user. If you ignite 3-4 days, you can count on that, you will have to call an expert in a few years. If you ignite in the autumn, and let cool down in the spring, the family’s favorite will be off even more decades.

This way of use do not favored by most of the families, because there is central heating, everyone goes away in the morning, and the adults come back home just in the evening…
We would like to get controllable, sustained, steady heating on a fast way. It can be guaranteed to you by an “constantly burning” fireplace. These facilities in the right conditions, can temper your home with 10 kg for even 10 hours. Meanwhile, the so called heaters can be ashed, during operation, although this will result, is the view of the flames become smaller with some cm. There are an “constantly burning” fireplaces which designing for mostly the sight, and for the palatability of the fire. Although these are incredibly energy saving equipments, but their constant operations is not solved yet, because you can only ashing from inside, when the devise has cooled down.

“ZRT+” devices has similar parameters, but almost all types of them are closed towards the living pace. It is an important question too, although usually people do not pay enough attention to it. Burning needs air, and external combustion chambers are able to accept external air, it is help a lot in modern highly insulated buildings! But it is not enough! Not enough, because there are the hoods in the kitchen, the central vacuum cleaners! They all try to suck smoke, and soot smell from the fireplace into the house! They will success, if your combustion chambers are just accept external air, but not close towards the living space! Always ask, from where secondary, and tertiary air come into the device! If just the primary air comes from outside, than in any event, you have to take care about the air resupply! ZRT+, and some constantly burning device they are absolutely close towards the living space makes redundant the worry about the reflows smoke.

Fact, these devices are significantly more expensive, than an average fireplace. Although that is a fact too, their needs of wood is one third-fifth of the needs of an average device! We destroy significantly less woods, and we pollute a nature with less pollutant! We let significantly more livable Earth to our children!

Now speak a bit about the leader of the sales list, I mean cheap and not really demanded devices. How can be a fireplace twice as expensive as another in the same size? The answer looks really logical: the spent working hours. It is clear that we will not able to control the fire in a cheaper fireplace. On the other hand the window of the device will get sooty after a short running time. Never, I ask You, never want to use a cheap fireplace as an expensive one.

In spite of all these thing if You want to use your fireplace as a decoration or as standby heating system (I mean You want to use it once or twice a year), I do not recommend You a really expensive device. In this You do not have to buy an expensive one, because You will not use the maximum provided power of the fireplace.

If we want to heat up the whole house we must think in a central heating fireplace. On the other hand there are some kind of air heating fireplaces which can provide this heat for us, but in this case everything must fit to the needs of the fireplace. The right chosen of a central heating fireplace You should ask your heating engineer. Most of the people make a big mistake when they buy a fireplace with the same performance as the used gas boiler. Believe me, there are some cases when this choice is right, but it is really rare. (in most cases You will not be satisfied with your chosen fireplace) Another common mistake it that the room where the fireplace takes place is exalted. There is another typical mistake, which is the under-sizing: in this case the flue is getting more and more tar. Unfortunately it is a hard and expensive work to vanish it. Just believe to me it worth to speak with a specialist before buying a fireplace!


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